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Michael Hohner has been a Librarian at the University of Winnipeg Library since 2001 where he has served in various capacities with varying titles on several projects and initiatives. He is currently Head of Strategic Initiatives, Head of Scholarly Communication, and Head of Systems. He was recently the Interim Copyright Officer (August – October 2012). He is the Collection Manager for Applied Computer Science, Business and Administrative Studies, and Economics. Michael’s LibGuides are available at http://libguides.uwinnipeg.ca/profile.php?uid=878

Prior to being at the University of Winnipeg, Michael worked at Lakehead University Library as the Internet Librarian. He also worked for SSAI at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center on the MODIS Document Archive (MODARCH) and the primary MODIS Web site.

Michael is the Publications and Media Review Section Editor for the Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research.

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m DOT hohner AT uwinnipeg DOT ca

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